インドネシアでのリサーチ滞在中(2022年7月〜10月)、現地のパフォーマンスフェスティバルAsia Triにて発表した作品。

 現地の生活の中で、裸足で地面を歩く機会がとても多い事、建物が密閉されておらず、生活圏内に虫や動物が普通に出入りする事に驚いた。そういった自然や地面と親しい生活は、人間の目線が日々高い所へと向かっている東京の生活とは全く違う感触だった。またそれは恐らく、未だ残る精霊信仰にも起因している。 インドネシアの人々は、人間が自然の中に居るという事を当たり前として日々暮らしている。



 The work presented at Asia Tri, a local performance festival, during my research stay in Indonesia (July – October 2022).

 I was surprised to find that Indonesian people spend most of their time barefoot, and that buildings are not closed, so insects and animals commonly come in and out of our living space. Such a life close to nature and the ground felt completely different from life in Tokyo, where people’s eyes are always directed to higher and higher places.
 This is probably also due to the belief in spirits that still remains. Indonesians take it for granted that humans live in the surrounding nature.

 Indonesia is an extremely top-down society. Because of the large population, there are large disparities, and I often encountered situations in which ordinary people were at the mercy of the comments of people in high positions. This is not a good thing, but I felt that it makes Indonesians tough enough to deal with anything, and is one of the reasons for their physical and mental toughness.

 I created this work based on my impression of Indonesian society as a whole during my two-and-a-half-month stay in the country. The weak and seemingly strong creatures close to the ground (people of low social status) cultivate the soil and sustain society.”
 The title “Semut-ant” is a combination of two words meaning “ants” in Indonesian and English. It also includes the meaning of “one new species of life.

2022.9.29 アジアトライ2022 (ジョグジャカルタ/インドネシア)にて
振付・出演 … 小山柚香
音楽 … 中村明日香

Performance & Choreography… Yuuka Koyama
Music … Asuka Nakamura
Sep 29th, in Asia Tri Jogja 2022, at Omah Petroek in Indonesia

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